About Us

Our Brand -

Established in 2017, Last Summer is a outdoor apparel brand.  We design and craft incredibly unique apparel that are great for any adventure our customers and friends set out on. We are more than just a hat or shirt company. We are a brand that supports our local community and hope you will join our growing family!

Last Summer -

We are a design and lifestyle collaborative.  Our primary mission is to create the highest quality hats and t-shirts, working with an incredibly talented pool of creative minds to spread our brand and message.  We evolve rapidly, daily even - subscribe to our newsletter to find out more!

The work we put into the local communities are real, and tangible. 

Our Threads -

Last Summer tees are printed on premium fabrics, the softest you've ever felt.  If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.  Contact us, or read through our return policy page to know more.

Our Ambassadors -

You!  We are a social company and love sharing content from our creative fans.  To submit image of you, friends, or family, submit your photo here.  Be sure to include your name, any social media profiles you might want linked, and a written statement you consent to Last Summer sharing your image.  Be sure to tag us on your social media so we can check out any photos you want us to share as well.