LSB Re-Wear

LSB Re-Wear

Life happens in chapters.  For us humans, in nature, and for clothing.  Re-wear is our simply beautiful concept of making clothes from  recycled clothing material.
Created from thousands of used garments diverted from the landfill, salvaged by our Augusta Repair Center, sorted, cleaned, then collaboratively designed with a woman who sees only the potential in bringing new life to used clothing.  Clothing is deconstructed and re-sewn right here in Augusta, Georgia.  Radical imagination meets recycling.



The best thing we can do for this planet is to truly reduce our carbon footprints and cut consumption of raw materials in order to make new things. Recycling, a basic premise - we give new life to old tossed clothes through a collective of master creators making fashionable clothing.  Keeping clothing in use, just nine extra months, can reduce the related carbon, water, and waste footprints of an individual by 20-30% over their lifetime.

You Can Help!

Join us to repair, share, and recycle your gear.  One of the most responsible things we can do as a Clothing Brand and Company, is make high-quality stuff that lasts for years.  Buying our products puts you in a category of consumer who believes in reducing waste and relying less on buying more of something.